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#54 Dragon Ocean Racing is an Owen Clarke designed Class40 owned and sailed by American Michael Hennessy!

Having competed in Class40 for a number of years Mike recently finished 12th in the 2018 Route du Rhum, a solo transatlantic race from St Malo, France to Guadeloupe. It's arguably the most prestigious shorted handed offshore race in the world.


The 2020 season will see Mike and Dragon compete in the Atlantic Cup!  


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#54 Dragon Ocean Racing


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February 17, 2019

So a couple of recent reminders of the Route du Rhum.

As you may recall, I had a bit of a rough patch. Those 10 or 11 days of wind in the mid 30's and gusts to 50? Yeah... so at the time I thought all that "flying off waves and slamming to a sudden and violent stop" only caused psychic damage. Nope. Not so.

These pics are of Dragon's engine mounts. Your car has them, boats have them... every mounted engine has them. Typically four of them, one on each corner of the engine. 

The boxy silver bit ac...

February 2, 2019

They look like a pine cone and taste like heaven. The pineapple was likely first grown in South America but was widely cultivated across the Caribbean by 1493 when Christopher Columbus, on his second trip to the New World, brought the first one home to Europe. The strange fruit caused a sensation, one that the canny Columbus knew helped his efforts to secure funding for additional exploration.

Despite best efforts, the Europeans failed to be able to cultivate the fruit at home and the Caribbean b...

January 31, 2019

A Question to Ponder

Last night found us sailing deep under the A4 kite, the surviving sibling of the two Dragon spinnakers. Mild 10 to 13 knot winds and gentle seas made for easy miles. All done under skies so clear we could see every star in the heavens. The beauty is staggering, and mind boggling in its vast scope. It's also very romantic if you don't mind your two smelly crew mates who are slightly surly after 3 days of limited sleep and hard work.

So we are in the end game. Sin Duda has well...

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Name: Michael Hennessy 

Age: 53

Hometown: Mystic CT, USA

Career Highlights: 

12th in 2018 Route du Rhum

4th in 2018 Atlantic Cup

7th in 2014 Fastnet

2nd in 2012 Newport-Bermuda 

2nd in 2011 Atlantic Cup 

Boat Name: Dragon


Boat Type: Class40

Port of Registry: Mystic, CT, USA

Builder: Composite Creations

Designer: Owen Clarke Designs

Year Launched: 2008

Source of Energy Production: 

Hydro Generator

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February 17, 2019


February 2, 2019

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January 31, 2019

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January 30, 2019

Fox and Hounds

January 28, 2019

Back Together And It Feels So Good

It's 0800 here in Miami and we are about to leave the Airbnb for the marina. The boat and crew are ready, and the pr...

Back Together And It Feel...

January 27, 2019

It Takes a Navy

November 26, 2018

Mike and The Might Dragon have finished the Route du Rhum in 12th place in a time of 21 Days 3 Hours 18 Minutes and 46 Seconds - Pictures, video and m...


November 25, 2018

Star Light, Star Bright....

November 24, 2018

Dragon November 24 Status

November 24, 2018

Putting the Rum in the Ro...

November 24, 2018

An Interesting Night

November 24, 2018

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