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#54 Dragon Ocean Racing is an Owen Clarke designed Class40 owned and sailed by American Michael Hennessy!

Having competed in Class40 for a number of years Mike recently finished 12th in the 2018 Route du Rhum, a solo transatlantic race from St Malo, France to Guadeloupe. It's arguably the most prestigious shorted handed offshore race in the world.


The 2020 season will see Mike and Dragon compete in the Atlantic Cup!  


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#54 Dragon Ocean Racing


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January 30, 2019

TWS - it's blowing 14 to 18 knots
TWD - out of the west north west and it keeps wanting to go further north
Sea state - small 1 to 2 foot rollers 

Dawn this morning feels like a year ago.  It broke with a rain shower towards the southern end of Long Island after a long night of running under the kite.  And like most rain formations, it spelt trouble washing away all of the breeze. 

With 3 to 5 knots, the morning and early afternoon was a painful exercise of trying to keep the wh...

January 28, 2019

TWD - 180 degrees. South for the degree challenged and shifty
TWS - 18 to 23
TWA - it's about 80 degrees
BSP - 10 to 11 knots

It's game-on out here and we are showing a clean pair of heels. The first six boats started this morning at 1100 in a fresh breeze and bit of sun peeking out between clouds. Dragon loitered south of the committee boat with main loose and out, killing time. At 4 minutes to the start we unrolled the solent and turned deep down wind, paralleling the start line and rolling dow...

January 27, 2019

Back Together And It Feels So Good

It's 0800 here in Miami and we are about to leave the Airbnb for the marina. The boat and crew are ready, and the pre-race energy is starting to jangle the nerves a bit. In the good way. Its going to feel good to be back out there again.

What might not feel so good is a tricky weather situation. A low has been hanging over the course and extending up to the north east, and has shown little desire to move out. Then coming right behind it is a faster moving front t...

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Name: Michael Hennessy 

Age: 53

Hometown: Mystic CT, USA

Career Highlights: 

12th in 2018 Route du Rhum

4th in 2018 Atlantic Cup

7th in 2014 Fastnet

2nd in 2012 Newport-Bermuda 

2nd in 2011 Atlantic Cup 

Boat Name: Dragon


Boat Type: Class40

Port of Registry: Mystic, CT, USA

Builder: Composite Creations

Designer: Owen Clarke Designs

Year Launched: 2008

Source of Energy Production: 

Hydro Generator

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January 28, 2019

Back Together And It Feels So Good

It's 0800 here in Miami and we are about to leave the Airbnb for the marina. The boat and crew are ready, and the pr...

Back Together And It Feel...

January 27, 2019

It Takes a Navy

November 26, 2018

Mike and The Might Dragon have finished the Route du Rhum in 12th place in a time of 21 Days 3 Hours 18 Minutes and 46 Seconds - Pictures, video and m...


November 25, 2018

Star Light, Star Bright....

November 24, 2018

Dragon November 24 Status

November 24, 2018

Putting the Rum in the Ro...

November 24, 2018

An Interesting Night

November 24, 2018

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