And you thought your kit list was long..?

With 3,500 nautical miles ahead of Dragon Ocean Racing we check out the vital kit list!

So there was a request to list out the gear that is going on board. Its driven by race rules, while require World Sailing's Offshore Safety Rules (OSR), the French Sailing Federations additions, the Class40 Rules and some additional equipment that the Race requires. Then my own gear.

Required equipment that is not permanently installed includes:

- 9 liters of emergency drinking water, sealed in place - Two 9 liter buckets (I use one as my head) - A hand held compass - An emergency VHF antenna in the ditch bag - A water proof Sat Phone in the ditch bag - Heavy anchor of 16 kg and an enormous rode - Light anchor equivalent to 16 kg and a less enormous rode - Water tight spot light with spare batteries and bulbs - Water tight flash light with spare batteries and bulbs (no spare bulbs required if its LED) - First Aid manual - First Aid kit with a bunch of gear - Fog horn - Passive Radar reflector - Paper Nav Charts - Plotting equipment - Light list - Ship Log - Tide Tables - Water proof and durable safety equipment location chart - A copy of my Class40 measurement certificate - Tools and spares. I basically have appropriate wrenches, hex keys, screw drivers, hammer, hack saw, portable drill (which is also used to pump fuel), a pretty comprehensive kit of epoxy, glass, and adhesives, some electrical wire, a few terminal ends, a Huskie hydraulic cutter that might be replaced with a lithium battery powered angle grinder, a selection of nuts and bolts, and spare fuses - Throw rope - Recovery sling - MOB pole / drogue - A personal AIS - Two pfds/harness and one tether - spare recharge kit for the pdf - SOLAS Flare package (smoke, Handheld, parachute) - A copy of COLREGs - National Flag, Quarantine Flag and French Flag - Anchoring ball - Motoring Cone - Radar - System to lift some one from the water (which is also my vang) - Spare Air breathing tank - An ISO liferaft with a >24 hour pack, sealed in place - Two fire extinguishers, sealed in place - 1 gumby survival suit - Jack lines - Four required sails (main, solent, stay sail, storm jib) My own selections: - Four additional sails to reach the class max of 8 (2 spinnakers and 2 reaching sails) - Spare alternator - Spare regulator - Spare charger for the PCs - Charging cords for my phones - Spare hydraulic ram for the auto pilot - Mask -Fins - 100 liters of diesel, with 40 in the fixed tank and 40 in jerry cans sealed in place and a pump system - 80 liters of fresh water with 40 in the fixed tank and 40 in 5 liter jerry cans - 5 rolls of TP - 1 package of baby wipes - 3 rolls of paper towels - cleaning fluid - 1 sponge - 2 oz dish soap - match stick - two eating bowls - two sporks - 1 coffee mug - 3 water bottles - 3 spare cans of stove fuel - 1 liter of engine oil - 2 head lamps - Toothbrush and 0.85 oz of toothpaste (22 days of brushing) - Engine spares (oil filter, fuel filter, alternator belt) - 1 spare spinnaker 1:1 halyard - 1 towing bridle - 1 camping pillow - 1 sleeping bag - 1 set of foulies (bibs, jacket, boots, shoes) - Shorts, T shirts, long sleeve shirts, underwear, socks, long underwear, winter cap, two base ball hats) - Hydro generator - Two spare propellers for the hydro generator - Spare snatch block - Spare mast track slider - Bag of spare dyneema line in various diameters - Etrier ladder for climbing the mast - Food for 25 days - Two bean bags, one large for sleeping in the cabin and one small one for the cockpit - 1 pair of binoculars - 1 boat hook to floss weed off my rudders - Spare pins for the fulers - A riggers kit (McLube, palm, needles, lashit, dyneema whipping line, waxed thread, splicing fids, Loctite, tefgel, super glue, ceramic knife) - Sail repair kit including super kote, Tedlar, seam stick, pins, stick back, epoxy in enough quantity to repair an A2 spin tear from head to tack, or a main with the head ripped off. - Mouse line and short length of bike chang to reave a replacement halyard - 1 spare main batten - Batteries for the head lamps - 7 tubes of Nutragena sport face sunblock That is it.