By The Numbers

The experience of this race can be overwhelming when you are in the middle of it, a never ending parade of attention grabbing experiences and demands. But as one of my first mentors at work used to say… if you can measure it you can manage it.

  • 1, as in #1. The very first boat built to the Class40 rule, launched in early 2005 and given #1, is sailing in this race. What an awesome class where we can remain relevant and yet enable early boats to continue to participate.

  • 4 long years that I have been planning for this race

  • 7 tubes of sunblock tucked away to get me across the Spanish Trades

  • 11thedition of the race

  • 16 to 20 days of racing expected

  • 25 days of water and food being carried. Hope the race doesn’t last longer than that!

  • 28 years since I saw my first image of this race, Florence Arthaud winning in 1990. Talk about a crush.

  • 40thAnniversary of the race

  • 53 Class40s will start the race, part of….

  • 123 boats in the fleet

  • 728 pounds (331 kg) of gear on Dragon that gets moved from one side of the boat to the other side during each tack and gybe

  • 3,542 nautical miles from start to finish (as a very tired crow flies)

  • 18,000 fans expected to watch the race from the water

  • 200,000 fans expected to watch the start of the race from the shore

  • 2 million visitors to the Race Website with 15 million page views

  • 2.2 million people expected to visit the race village