November 16th, Update

November 16 1700 UTC TWS - 18 to 21 knots TWD - 305 degrees true Sea State - 2 meter swell, intermediate frequency and short wind blown chop Sky - overcast The past 24 hours had been spent doing hard time, once again on a close hauled port board through the bottom of the low. Winds were consistently 20 to 25 with the occasional gust to 30, but thankfully the sea state was cooperative and there was very little slamming. It's this very system that I have been counting on to part the blocking high like Moses, and it has delivered. Separating into two pieces, one to the north west, and the other moving south east to create some collateral havoc to the competition immediately behind me on the leader board. In the meantime, my job has been to get as far south as I could go close hauled. At times, the best I could do was a bit east of south. But when all your forecasts are telling you that you are sailing to the lift, it's actually pretty easy. Set the sail plan, put the auto pilot on True Wind Angle, fill the ballast tanks and huddle in the cabin. About 1500 UTC today, I took a line of squalls that made for some excitment, and behind that the forecasted lift that has brought me onto a south westerly course on the reach. I am aiming to thread the needle between the two highs, sailing into the trades. If I get it right, over the next 24+ hours I will clock into a deep run and stay that way for the rest of the race. 11 days of close hauled racing may be over. The boats in good shape. Nothing new on the damages list, and I am feeling good. Allez, Dragon!