November 19th Update

November 19 1945 UTC

TWS - 11 TO 13 knots TWD - 145 degrees true oscillating through 20 degrees or so Sea State - 1 meter swell, minor chop Sky - Scattered cumulus, some of which have grown in size as the day has progressed It's been a day of steady progress, although a bit slow. Running this deep (145 to 150 TWA) usually needs 13+ knots to light the boat up, so while she is at or above her polars the boat speeds are not that spectacular. The two or three boats chasing me are coming in from the south east, and being south means they can sail even modestly hotter angles and get better speed. As expected, Tibco got past me this afternoon. No shame there - besides the angle its also the 2014 winner of this race and blazing fast. I am now the chaser... Audi St Malo is right behind, and he is doing remarkably well given the damage to his bow sprit. Time will tell, although he and I are on a more similar latitude so he does not have the same amount of advantage that Tibco and Campagne de France do. When I started this adventure the goal was to finish and it still is. I thought top 15 was distant and an unreachable territory, and I am still surprised at how well I am performing. The results will be what they will be, but the journey has been the reward. I am about to get rolled over by angry cloud that has a rainbow sprouting from its bottom like a perverse bean stalk. I doubt it is pleasant under there, so it's time to go prep.