November 20th: Daily Update

November 20th 18H30 UTC

TWS - 10 to 15 knots TWD - 40 to 70 degrees true Sea State - 1 meter following swell Sky - partly cloudy with Cumulus clouds

For starters, congratulations to Yoann Richomme for winning the Class40 with an amazing performance. Absolute dominance in the past week.

As for this guy, 1000 miles (I know...very depressing) it's been another day of deep running with the kite up. These are champagne conditions, with a bit of lazy surfing happening as we all do deep VMG running towards Guadeloupe.

Last night was frankly mediocre. I hit my numbers in terms of performance, but I am being too conservative and leaving a little bit on the table as a result and it shows - I have obviously been slipping miles to those in front and behind me.

I also woke up around dawn to find the kite wrapped again. No where near the drama of last time to get her sorted, but it cost at least some time and distance. Cursing was restrained and dignified this time.

Part of this issue with being too conservative stems from the mindset required to survive the first part of this race. 10 days of throttling back enough so the boat is still viable to finish the race made me cautious, and that caution has been hard to shake.

That caution is reinforced by how remote I am, how far from rescue. Even though we are entering the final stretch of this race, this morning at 0730 UTC I passed Point Alpha, the point in any passage where one is the furthest from land that you will be during the trip. For me, that was today when I was about 1050 miles from Barbuda to the west and Ilha Flores in the Azores to the east. It's the zone where the rescue authorities diplomatically say that you should be prepared to "wait a while" for rescue.

There are many things that separate my performance from that of Yoann's or Phil's, but being overly conservative is definitely one of them. Adjustments are called for. Onwards and upwards!