Dragon Status November 23

November 23 1930 UTC

TWS - 11 to 13 knots TWD - 90 to 110 true, oscillating Sea State - 1 meter swell Sky - mostly cloudy, strato cumulus cover with additional cumulus Well, that shift worked perfectly. Brought me high of the mark, then shifted back to put me on the mark. I am still 250 miles out, but at this point it does not look like any further gybes are called for before we reach Tete Anglaise at the north west corner of Guadeloupe. Strategically it also served its purpose, initially giving me a couple of mile jump on Audi, who then went over too early and has now been forced to put another gybe into the West during the course of the day. I also extended modestly on Miranda as well. Unfortunately, I have only been able to claw back a very small number of miles on Tibco and while I expect some compression to occur when they hit the light air on the backside of Guadeloupe, it's going to be too little, too late. Still gonna try - just got to manage expectations. After last night's mine field of small squalls, today was quiet and let me catch up on naps between making small sail and course adjustments for the oscillating winds. The boat is in great condition and u just need to keep storing up sleep in advance of Saturday night which will likely be a long one.