Dragon November 24 Status

November 24 2000 UTC TWS - 6 to 13 knots TWD - 145 to 175 degrees true Sea State - less than a meter swell Sky - partly cloudy, cumulus After last night's spinnaker shenanigans, the cumulus cloud party continued through the morning hours. At dawn there were multiple formations dropping rain within sight and as the sun's rays cracked the horizon and before they rose above the cloud banks, I was treated to the rate site of no less than 4 different rainbows all around me. It was as if the clouds were farting color, a forest of phsycodellic mushrooms. While it made for unique start, the conditions also made for frustration. The solent too small, the A5 to deep, the Code 5 too upwind. Ultimately, the nasty versions of the convective clouds subsided and left me with an afternoon of reaching under the Code 5. If looming concern is the lack of wind around the island, where I should approach around midnight local. The Sailing Instructions make no mention of an award for slowest passage from Tete Anglaise to Pointe Pitre, and if there were, I dont want it. I have the boat set up for light air mode, and as I accordion into Tibco who has already gotten a taste of it, there is the question if there will be an opportunity to close in on that prize. 45 miles is still a distance, but I already closed a hapbthat large today. So... .who knows. Meanwhile, Audi chases me, and its chutes and ladders. I gain a mile, he picks one up. I suspect I have more of that in my future. Here is to a less eventful night!