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Back Together And It Feels So Good

Back Together And It Feels So Good

It's 0800 here in Miami and we are about to leave the Airbnb for the marina. The boat and crew are ready, and the pre-race energy is starting to jangle the nerves a bit. In the good way. Its going to feel good to be back out there again.

What might not feel so good is a tricky weather situation. A low has been hanging over the course and extending up to the north east, and has shown little desire to move out. Then coming right behind it is a faster moving front that is going to run up the back side of the low to the north east. Depending on the models, we either sail out in advance of that front, staying in the south easterlies of the bottom of the low, or get over taken by the front and see northerlies.

In either case, we are sailing in pressure for the first day plus, as much as mid-twenties headed across the top of the Bahamas towards the north east corner of Eleuthera, where we will turn and start heading down the east side of the Bahamas. The initial part of that second leg promises some continuing breeze, but it slowly fades away and by the bottom of the Bahamas we are going to be fighting for inches in very light air. That fight continues around the eastern side of Cuba and into the Caribbean where we are going to want to get west as quickly. The trades will be trying to reassert themselves but the prize that carries us to the finish line will be the new system that is coming in from the west. I am estimating a Thursday arrival, a bit slow for this race but all due to the light air challenges in the middle of the race.

Hopefully I will get to post from out there, and hopefully you get to enjoy reading about it.